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Fact and Fiction: The Audience’s Role in Western and Eastern Performances (Leiden)

20 mei 2016 @ 09:00 - 18:00


Symposium met Saskia Kersenboom 

Saskia Kersenboom is een van de belangrijkste wetenschappers op het gebied van Indiase klassieke dans. Zij heeft onder andere Nityasumangali geschreven, over devadasis. Op 20 mei spreekt zij op een conferentie georganiseerd door de Universiteit leiden, over de rol van het publiek in westerse en oosterse performances. Zij woont en doceert in Hongarije, op de Paramparai Foundation. Verschillende van haar wetenschappelijke publicaties zijn te vinden op academia.edu.


In Eastern as well as Western culture we find a wide range of performances that play with the boundaries between stage and audience. Within these performances, the audience plays an active role. The audience can be an essential part of the performance, it can interfere with it or even contribute to shaping the boundaries between fact and fiction. In Iran, for example, audience participation has sometimes taken a violent turn, when emotional audience members, during the performance of a passion play, attacked the antagonist in order to show their own loyalties, and actors had to assure the audience that they are only presenting a semblance and that there is a difference between fact and fiction.

In this one-day-symposium scholars from different disciplines will discuss the active role of the audience: How does the audience contribute to the performance, and what is the audience’s role within the process of (re-)organizing the boundaries between the world of the stage and the world of the audience?


09:00-09:30: coffee / tea
09:30-10:00: Introduction
10:00-10:45: Rokus de Groot: ‘Composing’ the listener’
10:45-11:00: coffee/tea
11:00- 11:45: Zoe Ghyselinck: ’Das Theater glich einem Irrenhause’. (Re-)Presentations of a ‘real’ and ‘ideal’ audience in metatheatrical reflections in Schiller’s Die Räuber and E.T.A. Hoffmann’sSeltsame Leiden eines Theaterdirektors
11:45-12:30: Geert Warnar: ‘Fact and fiction or presence and performance? The case of Medieval Dutch Dialogues’
12:30-14:00: lunch
14:00-14:45: Asghar Seyed Gohrab: ‘Bearing Rapture and Sorrow: The Audience’s Role in Persian Passion Plays’
14:45-15:00: coffee/tea
15:00-15:45: Babette Hellemans: ‘In Search of Lost Realism: Medieval Time and Representations of the Passion in Theatre and Art’
15:45-16:00: coffee/tea
16:00-16:45: Saskia Kersenboom: “Tasting the mimetic performance”, the actor-audience dynamics and interaction, as the joint creation of (the Indian aesthetical concept of) RASA
17:00-18:00: drinks|
18:00- dinner speakers

Organizers: Antje Wessels (Latin Literature), Asghar Seyed-Gohrab (Persian & Iranian Studies), Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society / Institute for Area Studies

Attendants are required to pay a fee of € 15,00. This fee includes coffee/tea and lunch.
This symposium is free for students, but they should pay a fee if they wish to make use of the lunch arrangement.
Bank information
Rabo Bank
Account number 1020.54.266
Leiden University / Faculty of Humanities
PO Box 9515, 2300 RA  Leiden
IBAN  NL74RABO0102054266
Please mention: ‘SAPno. 1550003050′

For registration and further information please contact Asghar Seyed-Gohrab: A.A.Seyed-Gohrab@hum.leidenuniv.nl

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20 mei 2016
09:00 - 18:00
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